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October 21st, 2018


The Queen Theater

Watch a small town hero turn into a self-medicating prophecy.

In a small town in Georgia, high school student Holden is a well-liked athlete who is known for holding two fingers in the air and delivering smiles down the school hallways. However, Holden has a secret. The 17-year-old is struggling with a mental illness that threatens to overcome him and his relationships.

This feature film is a true story, reimagined onto the big screen by writer, producer, and director Tamlin Hall, who perfectly shares the story of his childhood friend’s battle. It is a story many people can relate to and learn from, which is why the film has taken on a greater meaning by becoming a movement of many that are #HoldenOn.

The film has helped initiate discussions on mental health and suicide prevention amongst teens and youth. iAmHoldenOn is now a community outreach program where these children and young adults can discuss their issues and learn more about suicide awareness through education,the arts, and humanity. Hall tries to depict Holden’s humanity throughout the film and focuses on the person behind the illness to help honor those who feel alone in this world.

HOLDEN ON Trailer OFFICIAL Drama/True Story from Tamlin on Vimeo.

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I Am Holden On