In School Arts Residency


The Light Up the Queen Foundation, Delaware Art Museum, and the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education are collaborating to present Madhusmita Bora and the Dancing Monks of Assam on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. This dynamic performance features a new work of Madhusmita Bora, performed in the Sattriya technique, a traditional dance form of northern India.

Prior to the performance, students will participate in an immersive workshop series facilitated by Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education. A DiAE Teaching Artist will lead students through an exploration of the Hindu concept of “Oneness” using hand drumming techniques in the style of the Dancing Monks of Assam. Through Oneness we recognize our individual importance in a greater whole. While many people may encounter the same situation, each person’s unique perspective is no less “real” in its “difference.” Similarly, when creating music, each instrument has an important role to play in the overall composition.

Students will be asked to create a composition, highlighting the theme of “Oneness” in the school community, using a variety of percussive instruments. Participating schools include Kuumba Academy Charter, Warner Elementary, and Great Oaks Charter.

About In School Arts Residencies 

The Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education (DIAE) provides professional Teaching Artists (TAs)  to lead in-school workshops in music, visual art, drama, and dance. Each residency introduces students to another culture through an art form and integrates core curricula in Language Arts and Math. These hands-on artistic experiences inspire students to discover their own inner-artist, thus having a deeper understanding and connection to the world around them. For the culmination of the residency, students will attend and participate in a performance by professional guest artists at the Queen Theater.