LUQ Programs

The Light Up the Queen Foundation is committed to ensuring the Queen Theater stays a community “clubhouse” that inspires and engages the entire community in music. We have solicited the input of dozens of musicians, teachers, school administrators and others within our community to ensure our programs are built around the greatest need. Ultimately, we hope to provide a foundation of music that fosters long term interest, appreciation, and learning in the arts.

Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency

In 2015, the Light Up The Queen Foundation successfully implemented one of its most ambitious arts education programs: The Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency. This is a two-week intensive composition and performance residency, held every year in June, for the next generation of jazz composers/performers, who, with their talent and passion, are keeping jazz alive.

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Smart Arts

Created in 2015, professional artists, using music, drama, and interactive fun, give Pre-K to 4th-grade children insights into the importance of reading, appreciating nature, understanding their emotions, staying healthy, handling bullying, and many other topics of importance. Up to two hundred and fifty young students attend each session. Smart Arts! Is presented in the Queen Theater.

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In School Arts Residency

The Light Up the Queen Foundation, Delaware Art Museum, and the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education are collaborating to present Madhusmita Bora and the Dancing Monks of Assam on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. This dynamic performance features a new work of Madhusmita Bora, performed in the Sattriya technique, a traditional dance form of northern India.

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Christian Salcedo Scholarship

Christian Salcedo was a beloved local musician and well-adored friend who passed away suddenly in July 2016. His spirit lives on with the Christian Salcedo Music Scholarship through the Light Up the Queen Foundation.

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